We have considerable experience with varied coatings technologies and work with customers on a wide range of quality applications.



Our scientists spend a considerable amount of time in testing, analytical and development to significantly improve adhesives for a variety of customer and market segments. Adhesive types include pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), hot melts, Contact adhesives, and UV cured adhesives among many others.

Caulks & Sealants

There are very specific requirements in the building industry around these technologies They offer various degrees of flexibility, water resistance, adhesion and durability. We have the knowledge and experience to develop high quality products that meet those standards.



An array of elastomer work is always in motion around our lab including thermoplastic and thermoset to define and improve various properties of a customers’ material product.



Hybrids, when formulated correctly, allow continuous improvements to materials for use in a large number of market segments. Our scientists have created a number of hybrid solutions for customers.

anti microbial

Preservatives & Industrial Hygiene

Our work in this area involves everything from testing various products for microbial activity to audits at major industrial plants throughout the U.S. improving industrial hygiene, eliminating contaminated products.

bio based

Bio-Based Materials

Our company has the skills to develop a wide range of bio-based materials in a broad range of categories. Businesses continually seek us out to innovate and create novel solutions in this area.


Investing in new technologies is a central part of our business. We understand the chemistries and have equipment to work on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.



Producing material from two or more constituent materials with different physical or chemical properties is something we do well. In industries from transportation to marine, we provide composite solutions.