Coatings are a large part of the work we do at our company. Our expertise in this area is unparalleled and companies hire us for a variety of coatings needs in a variety of markets.

building products

Building Products

Our scientists are knowledgeable about a wide-ranging array of chemistries and technologies vital to the building industry. We offer a deep skill set in testing, analytical and new product development for this major market.



One of the most popular adhesives is pressure sensitive and is often used in labels. Other adhesives include hot melts, contact adhesives, and UV cured adhesives among others. We can formulate great adhesives for a variety of demanding applications so you can rest assured that your product will perform for a long time.



The textile market offers a wide spectrum for chemistry solutions. We are always creatively testing and developing new products for this category.



Chemistry and chemical solutions are the driving force in this multi-billion dollar industry. Our skills around research, testing and new product development have made us a valuable partner.