Polyurethane Polyaspartate/Polyurea

Each of these technologies has its own reaction speed and set of properties. We understand the important nuances of having the correct balance of polyol, asparate, or amine and isocyanate in order to deliver targeted chemical products for your important project.


Latex Polymers and Process

Our fundamental understanding of monomers and other ingredients that go into the synthesis of latexes allow us to design the appropriate product for you.



Epoxies, epoxy dispersions, and hardeners have wide utility in a variety of market spaces and we have developed many products in the industrial building category.

uv coating

UV Coatings

We work with a variety of UV cured coatings and have provided many solutions in categories from industrial flooring to printing.



Companies choose us to develop high performance, high quality Alkyds for use in coatings to provide excellent industrial solutions.