We have considerable experience developing new products in a wide variety of markets thanks to our skilled and diverse team of scientists. Customers come to us to improve current products, move current products into new market spaces, or develop entirely new products.

We work with a variety of customers, from small startups to large multi-national corporations. Each project and company has its own unique needs, and 1st Source can come alongside and assist the research and development process in whatever ways needed. From Latex Development to Custom Synthesis to Computational Chemistry, 1st Source Research has the wide ranging capabilities required for any project.

For small companies we can offer expertise, laboratory space, and a ready workforce. This obviates the need to build up new facilities and hire new staff, allowing you to remain agile and focus on your core competencies. This reduces risk and increases the chance that a viable product is brought to market.

For large companies we offer agile product development that quickly produces the desired result. Working with 1st Source allows you to add new capabilities that you may not have in house thanks to our wide variety of equipment and competencies. Working with 1st Source also allows you to quickly scale up development of new products without the need to hire more staff.

From tweaking or testing existing products to performing routine testing, we can assist an existing project that needs support or strategically develop from the ground up based on your specific market need.

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