Polyurethanes or Polyurethane Dispersions are primarily defined by the appropriate choice of polyol and isocyanate. We have the capability of designing the right polyurethane or PU dispersion by choosing the appropriate isocyanate, but also by using or producing the appropriate polyol. These polyols can be polyester, acrylic, or polyether polyols, among others.

Polyasparates allow for cureing speeds between the lower curing polyurethane and Polyurea. It also has its own unique sets of properties

Polyureas provide astonishingly quick cure rates and tough polymers giving it a unique set of properties

We have produced many durable exterior coatings and are more than capable in delivering solutions in the industrial and electronic industries. Our understanding of the chemical properties and process allow us to tweak products such as abrasion or cure rates focused on the market end use.

It would be our pleasure to help you properly formulate these products for your end use application, specific for the needs in the marketplace.

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