Impact Modifiers

Current U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s cost on the loss of infrastructure due to paint and coatings failure is estimated at over 1 trillion dollars. In order to combat this, according to Bloomberg (April 20, 2017), the current administration wants a trillion dollars’ worth of infrastructure work on the ground. Two hundred billion dollars will come directly from the government. This will be applied to roads, airports and other public works, of which improved impact of epoxy coatings will play a part.

Ongoing government legislation and consumer demand also requires the reduction of solvents (VOCs) in epoxy coatings. Coating manufacturers must find alternate products that lower viscosity, provide impact and flexibility, and improved hydrophobicity, while simultaneously lowering the overall cost and carbon footprint of epoxy coatings.

Stop by the 1st Source booth #423, at the Western Coatings Symposium in Las Vegas, (Oct 15th to 18th) and learn how we can help you develop low cost epoxy modifiers for your application that will help you reach your performance goals. Testing includes corrosion resistance, viscosity, flexibility, impact resistance, tensile, adhesion, abrasion and gloss among many others.

1st Source Research has a strong coatings team that allows us to combine these techniques with other sophisticated analytical tools to diagnose paint quality problems, validate raw materials, and optimize processes that may be holding you back. Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to lend our expertise and analysis techniques to help you meet your goals.